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Recorder Ensemble performing the Music Jamboree theme song

SJK(C) Perempuan China (Penang Chinese Girls' Primary School) has been the hands-on venue of the Music Jamboree for numerous years. Music teachers from around the region who attend our annual music jamboree would put into practice teaching concepts explored during their training program with the students of this school.

The school has a music club and they are proactive in musical activities, having in their midst, a recorder ensemble and choir as part of their extra-curricular activities for their students. It is enlightening to know that the school is aware of the benefits of music and sees fit to have this music club.

The focus of the music jamboree program is based on our Young Musicians' Skills Development (YMSD) program that includes musical improvisation. Therefore, it is fitting to have their recorder ensemble perform our Music Jamboree theme song with an improvised section.

I arranged the piece in four-part SATB and handed the arrangement to their teacher in charge, Ms. June Loo who incidentally is musically learned. The improvised section is at the beginning of the second chorus during the repeat in the A and B part. The young musicians of the ensemble had little time to practice and rehearse as it was the time of year-end examinations. This recording was done during the last week of the school year after their examinations and it turned out very well. Indeed, these young students are quite a capable group of musicians.

Watch and listen to the performance of the Music Jamboree theme song titled 'Pineapple Island' performed by the school's Recorder Ensemble. I hope you enjoy their performance as much as I did.

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