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Getting To Know Myself

While working as a music teacher, I always yearn to further my musical knowledge and skills. For those reasons, I took a one-month sabbatical and left for Singapore where the Southeast Asian agent of the music school that I worked for was located. I went there to learn from their Chief Instructor. Shortly after my return, I received a call offering me a job with the agent’s school in Singapore and was given a week to consider. I was thrilled to receive the offer and called them within a couple of days to accept the offer.

I was prepared to leave home and head out into the world by myself. I had to do what was necessary for me to pursue this vocation that I have chosen. Very importantly, I was really enthused because Singapore was the nearest place where there was quite a healthy jazz scene going on. For me, it was the place to be.

While preparing to leave for Singapore, I was looking forward to working with others and being totally responsible for myself; to do my own laundry, clean my own place of dwelling, cook or find my own food, etc. To me, that was great training if I should go abroad for my studies though domestic chores are not entirely new to me.

In Singapore, my work keeps me in touch with the music scene and musicians. For the first time, I had access to frequent live concerts and that I do not back home. I quickly discovered various jazz venues to patronize, which I did every Sunday and whenever I can during the week. Soon, I got to know quite many jazz musicians there and some became great friends of mine.