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Inspiring students through musical composition

Composing music is an activity that can be very inspiring especially for young music students. Learning music theory and learning to play a musical instrument requires many years of study. While performing skills require constant learning, listening and practice that goes on forever, learning the language of music can be achieved much quicker.

There are only seven letters used in reading music, namely A to G. There are only a handful of music note types that are repeatedly used in the simplest to the most complicated music pieces. Terms, symbols and musical signs are likewise, repeatedly used. Therefore, once we have learned music rudiments and music theory, it stays with us as long as we are constantly using them to read and play music.

For the young students in our CSR Music Outreach Program, they are taught music rudiments and music theory to acquire music literacy. This is further supported via musical activities in class for them to understand and apply what they have learned. While such activities has the participation of the entire class, we also wanted to see individual creativity.

For the keen and inspired students, we wanted them to step out and show us their abilities. It was decided that a musical composition from the students would reveal any talent and creativity in them. The students were encouraged to submit a composition of their own creation for the year end music project. The purpose was to have them experience composing music that will be performed and featured in our blog if selected. This would be a great activity to encourage and inspire anyone learning music.

From the numerous submissions we received from the young students, the following below were selected. These selected compositions were more structured, complete and listenable. In short, these had more substance than the other compositions submitted.

Music Jamboree 2012: Performance Project

During the recent annual Music Jamboree 2012, the music jamboree teachers were divided into five teams and each team was put in charge of a group of students totaling somewhere between 20 to 40 for a project.

The project required the music jamboree teachers in each team to conceptualize, teach, rehearse and lead their music jamboree students in an ensemble performance that must include singing, performing percussion instruments and body movement (or actions that suits the music to be performed).

This project involving students from various primary schools was held at the Penang Chinese Girls Primary School. All teams only had about three hours on Thursday (23 August 2012) morning to instruct and rehearse their students to perform the following day.

The next morning, all teams were given some time for a final rehearsal before heading to the school hall to present their performances. These are the eagerly awaited videos of the performances uploaded to YouTube.

MJ2012 TEAM A performance project:

MJ2012 TEAM B performance project:

MJ2012 TEAM C performance project:

MJ2012 TEAM D performance project:

MJ2012 TEAM E performance project: