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Be A Young Composer

To learn music is to be able to create music other than just learning to play a musical instrument. In music, there are numerous vocations to pursue. Being a composer is one such vocation. However, to able to compose is not confined to the older music students with many years of learning only.

Young music students can be encouraged to explore their talent in composing as well. Discovering and realizing that one can compose would be quite a most defining moment in the music student's musical journey.

Here then is a chance for all young music students to try their hand at composing using the templates given below. These templates are in three levels for the young student who have begun music lessons for about one to two years.

Read the instructions for each different level to select the one that suits you. The activity only requires you to write the melody in the treble clef. The accompaniment is already given. We advise you to try out your composition on the piano once you have completed it. Then only would you know if it sounds good or you may need to make changes to improve it.

Click on the image or link below and read the instructions to select the correct template to use. There are three separate templates with an 8 bar accompaniment using chord I and chord V only. Once you have printed out and completed the composition, scan the composition to email it back to in JPEG or PDF format (less than 200 KB). Or, you can also post it to:
Be A Young Composer
Rhythm MP Sdn. Bhd.
1947 Lorong IKS Bukit Minyak 2
Taman IKS Bukit Minyak
14100 Simpang Ampat
Penang, Malaysia

The best compositions will be featured in our blog and the young composer will be given notable mention. So, to all young music students, just go ahead and give it a try. You have much to gain and nothing to lose.

Click on MPA composition 1 to view or print.

Young Musician's Skills Development events

Encouragement is what everyone needs to develop the awareness and appreciation to excel and to pursue with purpose, a vocation or even a hobby. Without doubt, the more we learn from others, the more it should motivate us on to greater achievements. With that in mind, the Young Musician's Skills Development (YMSD) program hopes to reach out to as many music students as possible to motivate and give them more purpose towards learning music.

To date, the YMSD sessions that we have conducted for music students has brought us into contact with their teachers and parents too. The opportunity to meet parents is much appreciated as get to hear their take on music and for them to inquire more about music education for their child. Such opportunities allow me to share some insight into the intrinsic values of learning music with the parents. In doing so, I hope to have parents realize the benefits of learning music.It is through such 'meetings' with parents during our programs that we can also thank them for their gift of music to their child.

As mentioned, the YMSD program is for us to further encourage and motivate music students to excel in music. It gives the individual great gratification to be able to understand music and be able to perform music decently well. When one can find much joy in performing music, it means one is doing it right and have much to derive from it. In a way, we see this program as helping music teachers by motivating their students in hope that their students will be looking forward to music lessons and desire to learn more.

The most recent YMSD events were held in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Putting the music students through the various musical activities relevant to create musicality in them, we hope that their experiences during the YMSD event raises their appreciation for music. Personally, I would like to see more musical talent emerge from among the numerous music students we have in this region.

The photos featured in this report shows students involved in the various activities from pitch development to chord appreciation and improvisation. We do have some flexibility in the program as we will never know what talent students have until we meet them. In some instances like the recent one in Penang, we were able to create an ensemble comprising all the students, their teachers and parents to perform a musical work. There was singing, percussion accompaniment and students with me at the keyboard to perform the musical piece.


Click on MPA composition 1 to view or print.