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Write Your Own Lyrics 1

Singing is a vital component of music. To sing is to know the lyrics of a particular song. Singing is an essential exercise that helps us feel music (rhythm & groove), know words (language) and gain better musical pitch.

Many of us remember the lyrics of songs and sing along whenever we hear the song. We don’t have to look far but at those who enjoy karaoke in their living room or at karaoke lounges. Singing is something almost all of us can do naturally.

We would like to encourage creative lyric writing by getting you to be a lyricist. You would be proud if someone commends you well on lyrics that you created. By getting into lyric writing, you become better with languages; grammar, words, phrasing (sentence structure), elocution, spelling, etc.

Let’s first begin with word rhyming. Below each word, suggest other words that rhyme with it. The number of syllables in each word is insignificant. You only have to pay attention to the sound of the last syllable of a word to rhyme with for now.

For example:
The main word is: LOVE
Possible rhyming word is: ABOVE

Notice that LOVE is a one-syllable word whereas, ABOVE is a two-syllable word. The tail end sound of ABOVE rhymes with LOVE.

Find words that rhyme with the following words and post your answers in the comment section of our blogsite.

Main word: LOVE
Possible rhyming words:

Main word: FACE
Possible rhyming words: