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Parental Support

How can parents assist further to enhance their child’s musical experience?
There are many ways that parents can get involved and play a proactive role in their child’s musical development.

For example, listening to music is always highly recommended especially for music students. There are many resources to look for music to listen to. For example, you can visit your local music retail shop and look for CD’s or DVD’s, concerts to get for your child to look and listen.

The radio is another source where you can get access to a lot of music, old and new. There is also MTV on the television as well as music from the Internet. Internet today has resources for lots of music; especially Internet radio and they are all available 24 hours a day.

If uncertain, you may consult your child’s music teacher to get recommendations or advice. Or you may ask your child what he or she prefers. Perhaps they may have an idea of what they like. So, bring your child to the music retail outlet and let them choose.

Let you child see and hear music being performed live. This is one of the most exhilarating experiences for anyone, whether you are learning music or not.

Allowing your child to participate in musical events, for example, their music school’s annual concert or their piano teacher’s annual concert or music clubs in their schools, or music camps, or recital events that’s being held publicly.

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