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Reflections on the Medan Musik Camp 2009

This was my second visit to Medan in Sumatera, Indonesia by invitation of Medan Musik to conduct some workshops at their music camp. It was well attended by their students, teachers and a few parents numbering a hundred and fifty in total. Brastagi, where the music camp was held is an ideal location as it is a quaint hilly resort not too far from the city where one can enjoy the cool temperate climate.

The students seemed eager to learn and know more about other music genres. Therefore, introducing and initiating them into jazz music (at their request) was appropriate. Of course, a few of them have heard a bit of jazz and the style that they like is fusion jazz.

So, we listened to, and talked about the various other styles in jazz from traditional to modern. I reckon that after that session, some of them would take the initiative to gain an appreciation in jazz music.

I was very encouraged by the attendees who showed much enthusiasm participating in the workshop activities. They were very attentive throughout the entire day’s various workshops and responded well during the quiz and interactive sessions.
The recital later that evening featured all the students performing pieces of their choice ranging from classical to contemporary. There were also duets performances that added much color to the evening’s recital. Congrats to all the teachers for preparing their students to perform, which they did well.

In all, I had a truly great time and would like to extend my sincere thanks to the management, staff, teachers, students and parents of Medan Musik for making my stay memorable and enjoyable.

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