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The importance of knowing music theory

What is music theory about and why is it important?
To learn music theory is to learn the language of music. This musical language is what musicians use to communicate with each other during a performance. We can learn a lot about music from understanding music theory. So, it is a necessity for all musicians to learn music theory. Besides, knowing music theory makes you a much more confident musician too.

What do you use music theory for?
Learning music theory primarily is to be able to read and write music. We need music theory to be able to read and understand the music scores just like anyone reading a book. The more theory you know, the better you will be at understanding music. So, we use music theory to perform music, to compose music, to arrange music and to analyze music.

What do you learn in music theory?
Music theory covers many, many topics. Based on the syllabus of the more popular foreign examination boards in this region, they cover the essentials like; musical notation, symbols and signs, music history, harmony, score reading, among others.

Can one go far into music theory?
Yes of course there is much to learn. Music theory can sometimes be very innovative. For example, there are new approaches and unorthodox methods of playing music today. Therefore, it would call for new and unorthodox ways to be able to notate music. There are musical scores today that even take the shape of graphs and charts, not like the normal music notation we see in our music books.

Do you have any advice for music students regarding music theory?
I strongly advice all music students to study music theory very well because this will help you understand music. More importantly, if you can find an application for the music theory that you are studying, it would be great. Involve yourself in composing simple tunes or making simple arrangements of your favorite pieces by using music theory. Perhaps, if you do not know how to do that very well, you can always seek the advice and help of your music teacher.

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