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Young Students Composition Project (Part 3)

Continuing with the primary school students composition project, here are a few more to share. The following piece was submitted by Tan Jia Rou of Peng Hwa primary school.

Analysis of Jia Rou's composition:
- This piece is 8 bars long.
- Composed using C Major scale.
- Begins with a 2-bar motif in Bars 1 & 2.
- Bars 3 & 4, and Bars 5 & 6 is a further development of the original motif.
- Interestingly, the motivic development in Bar 3 is not a direct transposition (up a step) of the motif in Bar 1 as one would normally expect.

The following composition below was submitted by Seow Yin Ze (who submitted two compositions).

Analysis of Yin Ze's composition:
- ABAC form, each 4 bars in length.
- Bars 1 - 4 and Bars 9 - 12 has the same exact melody and chords.
- Bars 5 - 8 offers some continuity in sound as the melody in Bar 5 begins with the notes on Beats 3 & 4 in Bar 4.
- The melody and chords in Bars 13 -16 sounds surprisingly refreshing

Click play and listen to the recording that Yin Ze did of his composition below.


There will be more compositions featured in next week's postings. After which, I will begin a series of articles on what to do and what not to do when composing.

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