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Enjoy Playing Piano The Creative Way (2)

Interests in this workshop brought us to a music centre in Klang, Selangor right after the first in Penang. At this centre, there were 16 students who participated as well as 9 piano teachers at a separate session. All the students and teachers are from a classical music-based background and are keen to explore contemporary music in the manner that our workshop is offering.

Doing a musical arrangement of a piece of music is something that they have never done before as classical works they learn are complete, prepared music that one is not allowed to desecrate. Therefore, to have the freedom and to experience arranging a musical piece, a contemporary music piece would be most apt for this purpose.

Obviously, they have to rely on all the music theory and musical experience that they possess for this task. They are at liberty to decide how complex they wish to arrange the musical piece of their choice.

For the classical teachers, this workshop offers them the opportunity to learn how they can teach their students creative ways to arrange and perform contemporary pieces. The teachers too can use the ideas explored for contemporary music works that they themselves like.

Below is a clip of a student at this workshop performing her arrangement.

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