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CSR music outreach program (2)

To know music, one has to apply what one has learned through musical activities. Music theory would be best understood if it is put into practice. Musical activities must always be carried out when learning new music theory to better understand the theory learned.

During the recent session with the primary students of our CSR music outreach program, four students were picked to create and notate a one-bar rhythmic phrase each on the whiteboard for the entire class to perform. With four rhythmic patterns notated, the entire class was divided into four groups with each group assigned a rhythmic pattern and using an assortment of percussion instruments to perform.

Each group was individually rehearsed before getting them to perform their assigned rhythmic patterns together. The purpose of such an activity is to have the students develop a steady pulse, improve on musical feel and learning to listen to themselves and to each other to synchronize their rhythmic performance.

Musical activities are always fun and enjoyed by everyone, from kids to adults.

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