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Never too late to make another resolution

Coming close to a month since the new year began, the anxieties and excitement of anticipating the start of the school term should have subsided by now. To all students who are going about with the new school term, I would like to suggest to those learning music to add another resolution. Hopefully, you have made some for this year. If not, let this be your resolution.

Resolve to be able to compose music. Recently, we announced a composition event for young music students. It is a simple 8 bar composition where students are just required to create the melody. We have received some entries and will be sorting them out soon to be featured. This event got us thinking of ways to encourage students to put their musical skills into practice.

To know music also means to be able to create music. Therefore, begin learning to compose. This is a great way to use your musical skills and creativity. You do not need to have a lot of years learning music to compose. Normally, a few years learning music would be sufficient to begin making simple compositions.

The instrumental pieces, basic rudiments and music theory you learned during the first two to three years of music lessons can be used to compose a simple tune. Musical pieces you learn to play should give you melodic, harmonic and accompaniment ideas. Listening to music 'opens your ears' to appreciate sounds and rhythms.

Playing music and listening to music helps you in music appreciation which simply means, you hear a complete piece and can appreciate the melody and accompaniment that makes it sound that way. Especially for a favorite song, you will listen to it or play it many times. The more you do this, the more you understand the song.

With the ability to to read, write and play music, the next step should be to compose music.

COMING SOON! Another composition event for music students is in the planning. It will be announced once all details are sorted. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted.


Click on MPA composition 1 to view or print.

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