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Be A Young Composer

To learn music is to be able to create music other than just learning to play a musical instrument. In music, there are numerous vocations to pursue. Being a composer is one such vocation. However, to able to compose is not confined to the older music students with many years of learning only.

Young music students can be encouraged to explore their talent in composing as well. Discovering and realizing that one can compose would be quite a most defining moment in the music student's musical journey.

Here then is a chance for all young music students to try their hand at composing using the templates given below. These templates are in three levels for the young student who have begun music lessons for about one to two years.

Read the instructions for each different level to select the one that suits you. The activity only requires you to write the melody in the treble clef. The accompaniment is already given. We advise you to try out your composition on the piano once you have completed it. Then only would you know if it sounds good or you may need to make changes to improve it.

Click on the image or link below and read the instructions to select the correct template to use. There are three separate templates with an 8 bar accompaniment using chord I and chord V only. Once you have printed out and completed the composition, scan the composition to email it back to in JPEG or PDF format (less than 200 KB). Or, you can also post it to:
Be A Young Composer
Rhythm MP Sdn. Bhd.
1947 Lorong IKS Bukit Minyak 2
Taman IKS Bukit Minyak
14100 Simpang Ampat
Penang, Malaysia

The best compositions will be featured in our blog and the young composer will be given notable mention. So, to all young music students, just go ahead and give it a try. You have much to gain and nothing to lose.

Click on MPA composition 1 to view or print.


  1. Good luck with your music compositions! It's very satisfying to express yourself through music and who knows, it may even mean that you can make a living from it eventually! Best wishes Christopher Norton

  2. If you can play music, you can compose music! And family and friends love hearing your pieces. I always try writing one new piece everyday - even if sometimes it's really short! My favourite part is thinking up funny titles. Enjoy your composing!! Best wishes from Paul Harris.

  3. Dear young musicians and composers, you can play music and you can compose the music but in the same time please have in mind that the Music is not just a nice sound phenomenon, this is a higher language who express and speaks to others the meaning of our life’s. Music is heavenly gift given to all mankind to communicate the presence of our creator in our life. That’s why I encourage you to come closer through music to understanding of God’s love in your life because I had experienced. Why not you too?

  4. It's a wonderful thing to be able to create your own musical sounds. Just remember everything that you write is unique, no one else has written the same combination of notes and durations!
    Think up some good titles for your pieces and work around the mood that each suggests.
    I have been writing music for 25 years and I’m still having fun.
    Enjoy and good luck with your writing.
    Pam Wedgwood

  5. To write music is to put together what you always wanted to hear and play. This may be often be made up of good ideas you have come across written by someone else but you've stringed them in a new and different way. Refine your work until it sounds as perfect as it can be - this may take 10 minutes or for some composers, years! It's a wonderful journey which you are in charge of.