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Getting Started On Music Part 1

1. What is the recommended age to start a child on a musical instrument?

Generally, the ideal age is 7 years old to get started on a musical instrument. Because at that age, the 7 year old child is considered more physically built to be able to handle an instrument, like the piano, for example. At the same time, they are already attending school, which makes them quite ready to be able to take up music seriously.

2. Can a child begin music lessons at an even younger age?

Yes, there are special programs for children younger than 7 years old. These programs are usually conducted in a group lesson to help develop their musical interest. This is the first step leading towards developing their musical minds and preparation to begin on a musical instrument later.

3. What do young children learn in these programs?

Quiet many things, actually. These programs are a lot of fun for young children, and they have a few things in common. For example, there is singing to develop their hearing and musical pitch. There is dancing and body movement to help develop rhythmic feel. And usually this activity would include also playing some percussion instruments. There are also music games that develop their memory skills and reasoning skills, and many other elements.

4. Which musical instrument should my child begin with?

The piano is the most popular instrument to start with and for good reasons. Once you begin piano lessons, you will also begin learning the basic rudiments of theory, which will allow you to read, write and play in both, the treble and bass clef. Very importantly, you will also begin learning early harmony which leads to chord appreciation. This is especially important if you wish to move on to an orchestral instrument in the later part.

5. Are there other instruments suitable to begin with?

Yes! The violin is another very popular choice. It comes in various sizes to suit a young child all the way to an adult. Blowing instruments however, will require an older child with a better built to be able to play it.

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