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Off To A Whole New World

While awaiting my application reply, I indulged more into jazz and looked for any opportunity to perform. Finally, when the college’s reply came and I was accepted, I was thrilled to the core and immediately called home to inform my family. They rejoiced in the news and I only had a few months before leaving for Boston.

Meanwhile, my motivation and enthusiasm got more intense. Soon, I will be off to a whole new world, a different land, a different culture, where everything would be different, but I was brave enough to just head out and fend for myself.

A new chapter was beginning for me. Everything I learned, experienced and gained during my college years were invaluable. The friends I made there, the impressionable faculty members (who always kept me in awe with their knowledge and skills), the college itself and all the people I met during my years there were instrumental in my development.

It was after college, when I had some anxiety about where I will head off to next to start my life in the working world. I was contemplating on a few places to go but I finally came home. My dad called me when I was in San Francisco (after college) and suggested coming back to see if I can use my knowledge and skills to back home.

It took a while for me to decide coming home but I finally agreed to give it a try. I flew home with a heavy heart having made great friends there at college and at work.

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