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Reflections of the Music Jamboree '09

Every year, the Music Jamboree is an event I look forward to with anticipation. This is where the opportunity to know more about music education programs from around the region and how they are conducted presents itself. I am always enthused to know more about the trends in music education around the region and the world over.

As in previous years, I find the participants this year equally enthusiastic and brimming with ideas to share. There were some returning participants whose testimonies offer valuable understanding in conducting the program. Obviously, these participants are more ‘mature’ with the program after having put it into practice for the past year.

The main core of the music jamboree is to learn, explore and apply various ways to encourage learning music among the young beginners. This calls for loads of creativity and the participants were surely not short of it.

After the first two days of studying and exploring various elements to teach music and make it interesting to the young beginners, the hands-on session with students at the school proves most crucial. It is a test of the abilities of the participants to run the program effectively in a group class instead of the ‘one-to-one’ concept that is the norm.

The reviews and analysis after each day’s hands-on sessions were particularly crucial in identifying problems and addressing them immediately. The effectiveness can be clearly seen and felt the next day during the continuing hands-on session.

Some of the teachers were discovering their potential to teach young beginners while some others with experience were developing their skills further. Whichever the case, I felt every participant had equal opportunity to gain and develop ideas and skills that will only serve to enhance them in their chosen profession.

I hope all the participants gained more insight into teaching young beginners and that they had an enjoyable stay in Penang. Until the next time we meet, I wish all the participants a musically successful and productive year ahead.

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