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Making a choice! Decision time!

Growing up, never did I contemplate on being a musician for a career! In fact, it never occurred to me to ever consider being one. I never thought much about any career until I was nearing the end of high school. It was crunch time for me, as I have to seriously decide on my vocation.

I recalled that it was right after my high school exams (called MCE then) when my dad asked me what I wanted to do for a career and whether I would like to go abroad for further studies. I was unsure, so we took a family trip to Kuala Lumpur to visit some of the foreign embassies to inquire about tertiary education abroad. We explored and inquired about numerous vocations. However, my vibes told me nothing except that I am not quite ready to decide.

I did not have time on my side. I have only a few months to decide before my high school results were announced. I was under pressure to make a decision. Though my parents’ desire of me to study abroad, I cannot just go without due and proper consideration of what I want to study. I just wanted to be sure that what I chose is something that will hopefully make me happy for the rest of my life. Otherwise, it would be horrible!

Upon receiving my results proper, my parents asked the big question of whether I have made up my mind on which vocation, and where to go for my tertiary education. Guess their reaction when I said that I have not and that I need a bit more time? Of course, they got a bit annoyed and told me not to take too long to decide. They accepted my decision to hold off until I am more assured about what I want to be. I did not want to jump into anything without due consideration, only to regret my decision should I want out.

Meanwhile, I received a letter from my school stating that I have qualified and am eligible to continue with my ‘A’ level studies. So, that was what I did while contemplating my vocation.

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