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Enjoying and Appreciating Music

Performing for an audience, irrespective of size, is of utmost importance. It is when as a performer; we begin to become very conscious of our performance, our demeanor, our appearance, etc.

Whenever we have visitors at home or when we visit family friends who happen to have a piano at home, I was requested on numerous occasions to play something on the piano to entertain everyone. I use to dread that at first and I wondered many times if any of them really enjoyed the music that I was performing. Since I couldn’t possibly get away from being asked to perform, I decided to put together a repertoire of songs to perform at any moment’s notice.

In hindsight, I am glad today that I was put through that because it built my confidence and made me loose my inhibitions to perform in front of an audience. I realized that I did not feel intimidated and my self-esteem was rising. So it had to be good for me. Besides that, I felt encouraged to practice harder and to learn more new songs. So, I began spending more time on the piano exploring music as my interest in music grew. I was beginning to enjoy music very much. With that, my appreciation grew.

However, music was still purely for sheer enjoyment. It was something I was getting enthusiastic about. The joy of music is starting to creep up on me. Music is something that will be good for my soul. That much, I could only figure out. Still, it was not that I was considering a career in music.
Not yet!

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