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MUSIC JAMBOREE 2013: Empowering the students to lead

The theme for this year's music jamboree with the primary school students was titled "Empowering the students to lead". After teaching music to the primary students twice monthly under Rhythm MP's CSR Music Outreach Program for over a year, I felt that the students were bright and creative enough to actually get more involved with the musical performances required for the music jamboree.

Normally, during music lessons, the entire duration is mostly focused on the student learning music theory and playing musical pieces. Sometimes, little is known about how much musicality and creativity the student has acquired. So it was decided that we will let the students take the lead at this year's music jamboree 'hands-on' event.

The young students were briefed on this years program and were asked if any would wish to be a student team leader. Team leaders were required for 3 separate activities namely; singing, body movement/dance and percussion accompaniment. Each group's performance must incorporate all these three and each group decides on the song to perform. If the students and team leaders are overwhelmed by their assigned duties, the teachers shall step in to take charge and lead the group.

This year's program is quite a departure from the usual students program of our previous music jamborees. Previously, the music teachers were responsible for organizing and staging the performance, from selecting a song, creating the percussion accompaniment rhythms and body movement/dance steps and rehearsing the entire group to perform on stage.

This time around, the teachers are to follow the lead of the students and guide the students in their performance. In total, there were about 160 primary students from three schools who participated. The students are from SJK (C) Perempuan Cina aka Peng Hwa, SJK (C) Tar Thong and SK Convent Pulau Tikus. These three schools are in our CSR Music Outreach Program.

There were a total of 7 groups; Year 1, Year 2 (Group A & B), Year 3 (Group A & B), Year 4 and Year 5.

Below are the performances of each and every group from Year 1 to 5 for all to view.

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