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Music Workshops & Master Classes: Learning from others.

The whole process of learning is a lengthy process that takes many years from primary (junior) to tertiary (university) level. Those who pursue their studies till the doctoral level would have indulged in studying for a little over two decades at the very least. When we take a moment to ponder on how much time is required to educate ourselves, develop skills, shape our minds, develop good attitude and character among others to be good in what we do, we realize that it is a tedious process that requires commitment, perseverance and hard work. Throughout this education journey alone, we would have learned from many teachers.

Having said that, we always tell ourselves and hear others say that to learn from as many as possible is best. At school, all our teachers specialize in a different subject. Therefore, we have a different teacher for every subject we learn at school. No single teacher can teach us everything that there is to learn. Neither will anyone of us be able to learn everything that there is to learn. Even if given a few lifetimes to do so!

Just selecting one vocation to excel in would take years of learning and training. Music as a subject and vocation comprise many differing skills to develop. We train our musical mind (mental) to comprehend and create music. Practical skills (physical) are required to perform music.

The more we learn, the better we become as we draw our inspirations from those we learn from. Besides learning from our regular music teacher, it is always encouraged to attend workshops that come our way. Over the years, there have been many music workshops for teachers and students conducted by illustrious facilitators but attendance has not been encouraging especially for the student workshops, when compared to the overall number statistics of music teachers and students in this country.

I am calling out to music teachers, students and their parents to reach an even higher level of awareness about learning music. If the student is not inspired and learns music perfunctory, then we may never see enough talent abound. If done right, the inspired music student will find the entire experience immensely rewarding. Likewise, teachers must always be on the look out for workshops that will heighten their overall skills that will make these teachers very effective in teaching.

Both teachers and students must look at their effort to sign up and attend workshops as an invaluable investment of time and money to learn and be inspired. Knowledge and skills once acquired is for keeps. When inspired, it will encourage you to excel and the experience makes you thirst for more. You have to give yourself an opportunity by attending a workshop you find interesting to open 'doors' in you that you never knew you had.

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