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Young Musicians' Skills Development Program

Over the weekend of 4th July 2010, we had the opportunity to conduct the Young Musicians' Skills Development Program at two music schools who have graciously registered numerous students for us.

The first session was at Sweet Harmony Music Centre for elementary students who have completed their basic rudiments of music and are at Grade 1 level. While at the Young Music Centre, we had two groups of students, one at the elementary level and the other comprising students of the lower intermediate to intermediate level students.

Through this program, we help students discover their potential in music and to experience other facets of music making to further support their music education and enhance their musical skills. Development takes time and has to start early.

On the other hand, we also wanted to promote the idea of putting music into practice and to increase the student's aural awareness, as both these areas are required to better understand, create and perform music.

There is talent in every student and all it took was some encouragement to get the students to apply whatever knowledge and skills they possess. In some ways, the program validated this and there were some welcomed surprises too.

One such instance was an 11 year old boy who began music lessons six months ago who can comfortably improvise on the piano. Another young girl who apparently did not no possess good pitch or rhythmic pulse clearly demonstrated that she had those skills. Students at all theses music schools also demonstrated they possess good harmony skills by identifying suitable chord sounds for a melody. They could even give suitable comments on the usage of the chord types.

This tells us that there is talent in every student. All it takes is proper guidance and encouragement to bring these talents to the forefront.

YMSD Program registration form


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  1. Music students can learn quickly when they get the right chance with an insightful teacher. Your story shows this to be true, and it's been my experience, also.