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Growing Up With More Music

Besides listening to music on a recorded media (CD's) or on the radio, watching musicians perform live is very essential and more exhilarating. Those of us who have attended live concerts can feel the excitement and experience the good vibes that leave us wanting more.

We will never know how music is created till we see others doing it. As a kid, I was always in awe watching musicians perform and listening to the end product of what they are doing. Not that I fully understood how the musicians created their music but there was always dad to explain things to me. Besides, the only instrument I knew then was only the piano. So how the other instruments worked on their own and together with other instruments was beyond me at that time. I was just too young to comprehend everything that I was hearing.

I remember attending some concerts and events that featured live music each year during my primary school years. Among those were my mom’s annual school concerts, Christmas parties, anniversaries, etc that had live bands in attendance. Some of the most memorable moments was when the adults would just get together impromptu and 'jam' during such gatherings. Various types of music would be performed, from the folk to blues, and oldies to the current pop music of that time.

One of my favorite times of the year is around Christmas where we get to hear all those wonderful Christmas hymns and carols. I always look forward to the church carolers visiting our home each year. I would remind my parents to invite the carolers from our church in case they forget. I do remember owning an album of all the best Christmas songs, which I still have today and it is one of my treasured publications.

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