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Rhythm MP's CSR music outreach program

Rhythm MP started a music outreach program this year as part of our CSR initiative to provide music education to primary school kids. This outreach program is part of our on-going Young Musicians Skills Development (YMSD) program to promote learning music and to benefit from music's positive grooming effects and all its intrinsic values. We believe everyone deserves music and must learn some music.

Our program aims to develop music appreciation to enrich one's life, to discover and develop one's musical talent, to encourage the pursuit of a music or music related career for those interested but fundamentally, it is to know music. There  is music talent in everyone and we believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to learn and know music.

The students of the music club were invited to perform with students of the school's Recycling Club during their school's Teachers Day that was held on 25 May 2012. The music chosen by the students was the very popular 2010 World Football theme song. This is still a very popular piece today.

The performance involves singing and performing with instruments made from recyclable material. The music club students were asked to create their own homemade percussion instruments using anything that they could recycle. Ideas to create such instruments were explored with the students. Incidentally, Rhythm MP has also initiated such a program some time back in this blog site and was put into practice at a music camp in Medan two years ago. Click this link to read:

Here is a clip of the students performing during their Teachers Day celebrations at the school.

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