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Benefits of learning music

Many a time during my music workshops and music forums for music students and parents, I have informed them that learning music goes beyond just knowing how to read music and playing a musical instrument. There is a lot more to learning music. There are numerous reports and articles published by educational institutions (colleges and universities), independent researches and the likes about the virtues of learning music.

However, not all may know what exactly to look for on the internet. Some may not specifically know what the key words are to type on the search engine. Quite tedious a task and time consuming too.

So, I shall do the next best thing to promote the virtues of learning music by listing some of the sites I have read for your reading convenience. Some of these reports/articles may seem rather lengthy but I do encourage you to read through them anyway.

Just click on the link and it will take you to the site about the benefits of music education. These are just a few among many others for you (the student, the parent, the general public) to get started on.

1. 18 Benefits of Playing a Musical instrument

2. Twelve benefits of Music education

3. Benefits of Music lessons

4. How music helps the aging brain.

5. More evidence that music benefits the brain

6. Why we need music in our hearts

7. The Mozart Effect

8. Music and Intelligence: A parent's evidence-based guide

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